The Spark Notebook

February 7, 2015

The Spark Notebook

My wife recently backed the Spark Notebook Kickstarter. and she kindly ordered me two of them as a late Christmas present.

So far, I love it. You know how we all make New Year’s Resolutions and then break them? Thanks to this notebook, this is the first year I feel like I have a fighting chance of actually accomplishing my goals.

The notebook is set up to encourage you to telescope in on your goals, starting from a high level, all the way down to your day-to-day routine. It’s structured like this:

  1. A theme for the year, with supporting goals.
  2. Monthly goals, complete with a calendar.
  3. Weekly goals, with a week planner.

It also comes with project planners and ordinary note-taking pages.

By constantly encouraging to review your high-level goals, the notebook helps you stay on track with your daily goals, making sure that everything is in sync. Your big goals get broken up into smaller, achievable goals, and you can see how it all adds up to the big picture.

So, even if you’re a developer (like me), or usually use computers to solve these kinds of problems (like me), I strongly encourage you to get a Spark Notebook.

There might be some left.

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